XIV International blacksmiths festival Forged figures Park

Donetsk city Council, Donbass blacksmiths guild, The Union of masters of blacksmiths art in Ukraine invite you  In Donetsk 21-23 September  for  XIV  International blacksmiths  festival Forged figures Park.

20-23 of September, first time in Ukrainian blacksmiths history Donetsk  has  a conference of THE RING OF EUROPIAN CITIES WITH IRON WORKS. Representatives of 20 cities from 11 countries will come to participate! Delegations will take a part in collective work of FORGED FIGURES PARK festival.
Exactly because of this event the theme of the XIV  International blacksmiths  festival  is – EUROPIAN BOUQUET

The main technical parameters for  making a flowers for «EUROPIAN BOUQUET»:
–    Height –  800 mm
–    Diameter of the stem at the base – 18 mm

The central place in EUROPIAN BOUQUET will be for image of forged blacksmith.
The collective forged work BLACKSMITH (Height more then 3 meters) –  the idea is the stylized  form of a skeleton , where round miniatures will take a place (diameter  150-200 mm). This miniatures will form  an unusual look of blacksmith. Not big size of miniatures gives an opportunity to take a part in collective work  even for  those who cant forge right at the festival, so they can  bring it with themselves.

In the program of festival :
–    Collective work on the main theme
–    The master – classes of the blacksmiths
–    The competition of the Blacksmiths costume
–    The competition of the Blacksmiths cooking
–    The official ceremony of the closing of the CONFERENCE OF THE RING OF EUROPIAN CITIES WITH IRON WORKS
–    Exhibition HAND-MADE – The masters path
–    Music competition ROCK FORGE

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