Арка. Ивано-Франковск

An international FESTIVAL AND EXHIBITION – a must to visit!

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
6-8  May , 2011
9 May – excursion

A place where you will make friends, absorb warmth and heartedness of the welcome, enjoy the smiles and warm hugs, inspire for your future creations…meet new colleagues and see another country. People come again and again to feel this wonderful atmosphere of friendship, soak in the aura of happiness of being together, smiths come again to feel it once again. We will have master classes, conference, excursions, parties, 2 days of forge in and the result will be a monumental sculpture..
There is a lot to tell . Better to see and participate once…

Maybe the participants will give their feedback, which will be the best recommendation and advertisement.
We are glad to meet you.

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  1. Our city will be 350 years next year- so we start making a TRIUMPH ARCH this year and will install it next year – exactly for the city's anniversary ! —- this is the sculpture and the DETAIL is – KNOT — from every smith who will forge on the square. Dimensions will be told later !!

  2. The Programme of the Blacksmith Festival – 2011
    May 6, 2011 Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
    9:00 18:00 Sheptytskyy Square
    Registration of the guests and participants
    Demonstration of blacksmiths works
    Blacksmith fair
    Forging of a composition Arch for the 350thanniversary of Ivano-Frankivsk city
    Blacksmiths from Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, the USA, and other countries will demonstrate their skills.
    10:00 Sheptytskyy Square. The official opening of the 9th Blacksmiths Festival 2011
    14:00 the square on Nyzova Street. The official opening of the composition made in 2010 Swirl of the Blacksmiths Cities
    18:00 The conference in the hall of Hotel Nadia, Nezalezhnosti street, 40. (stand-up party)
    -Oleg Bonkovskyi (Ukraine).The artistic metal of Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv
    -Vasyl Hudyma (Ukraine). Ybbzits (Austria) and Barcelona (Spain) through blacksmiths camera lens.
    -Tymofiy Silich (Russia). Works of Pskov Workshop
    -Kher Aker, Mohamed Aker (Israel). The creative way
    -Seppo Riihonen (Finland). The Finnish school of metal
    -Vladimir Markov (Russia) Film about the restoration of metal in Saint-Petersburg
    -Nataly Ivanova (Ukraine). Blacksmithing of Zhytomyr Region.
    -Oleh Kozyar (Ukraine). Revival and forging of damask steel

    7th May 2011
    9:00 17:00- Sheptytskyi Square.
    -Demonstration of blacksmiths work
    – Casting of souvenir anvils Blacksmiths Festival
    – Blacksmith fair
    – Forging of a composition Arch for the 350thanniversary of Ivano-Frankivsk city by Ukrainian and foreign blacksmiths

    15:00- Performance of bands, folk bands
    17:30- taking of common photo
    18:00- A Friendly Party (price: 100 hryvnias). The party Blacksmith Cuisine: authentic grilled Hutsul ram, authentic Uzbek plov and authentic Precarpathian borsch. Meeting people, communication, exchange of experience, folk musicians.

    8th May 2011
    10:00 The opening of 10thInternational Exhibition The Ornamental Blacksmithing the regional art museum, Sheptytskyy Square.
    The end of the festival
    11:00 – Sightseeing in Ivano Frankivsk or the excursion to Small secluded monastery in Manyava

    12:00 – Sunday Monday. Excursion to the mountains lodging at a participants own expenses (200 – 300 hryvnias); return to Ivano-Frankivsk on Monday.

    We are offering the blacksmiths from Ukraine and foreign guests to participate in the collaborative project of making the sculpture named The Arch for the 350th anniversary of Ivano-Frankivsk. It is an arch of 3×6 meters made of different materials into block of difficult section which is joined by paired clamps. The space between the rings will be decorated by symbolic joints- the blacksmiths connections from each participant, city, country. These joints should be of about 200 x 150 mm in size with and made with the any technique of authors choice.
    The time for forging it will be 1.5 2 hours. All the performers will receive the certificate (additionally, based on jury decision, best works will be awarded with the prize The Golden Anvil)

    Accommodation recommendations:

    Hotel Nadia Nezaleghnosti street, 40
    Tel. (0342) 72-70-79(75) http://www.nadia.if.ua

    Breakfast is included.
    Other categories (higher class) will have 20% discount exclusively for participants of the festival.

    Hotel Dnister, Sichovyh Sriltsiv Street, 12
    Tel. (03422) 235 33, 27902, fax: 752403
    60 hryvnias per person in any room except for the first class rooms and junior suites.

    Useful tips for the participants
    Register in the Registration tent and get your badge (that is your admission to all festival activities), the programme of the festival and useful information: catalogue from the previous year, poster etc.
    To forge on the square, please, register into the schedule of blacksmithing in the Registration tent

    Useful information for participants
    Klochko Mykhailo (the head of the Blacksmiths Union of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk branch, the executive director of the Blacksmiths Festival) 050 338 94 23
    Polubotko Sergiy (the head of the Blacksmiths Festival) 067 342 43 16
    Polubotko Olga (the coordinator of the Blacksmith Festival, the coordinator of international guests) 097 635 21 98
    E-mail opolubotko1@yahoo.com

    SEE YOU SOON!!!!

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