Арка. Ивано-Франковск

Ивано-Франковск кузнечный

07/05/2011 En 0

6 мая в Ивано-Франковске стартовал Международный кузнечный фестиваль “Свято ковалів”, который продлится до 8 мая.

Арка. Ивано-Франковск

An international FESTIVAL AND EXHIBITION – a must to visit!

24/03/2011 En 0

A place where you will make friends, absorb warmth and heartedness of the welcome, enjoy the smiles and warm hugs, inspire for your future creations…meet new colleagues and see another country. People come again and again to feel this wonderful atmosphere of friendship, soak in the aura of happiness of being together, smiths come again to feel it once again. We will have master classes, conference, excursions, parties, 2 days of forge in and the result will be a monumental sculpture..
There is a lot to tell . Better to see and participate once…

Кованая роза

5th International Festival-2007

20/04/2007 En 0

Traditional international blacksmith festival that took place this year in May had a wide resonance in mass media, was highly evaluated by the guests and participants of the festival, who categorized it as an unprecedented event and one of the best blacksmith meetings in last 2 years in the Eastern Europe.